The Visual World

They say  the world around us is getting poorer  " verbally" : the
communicative space of written and readable texts  are more and more
replaced by noises, voices, whispers , screams and music. But the winner
is the visual language. Everything is filled with images:  I live in he
intoxication of the spectacle: the highway is not the road for me, but
the scene of meadows,forests, I,am fascinated by the sky and the vapor
trails of airplanes, and large grafittis melting away  " like grief on
the walls of houses ". I see images behind all the written and heard
words-------this is how I became   a  ceramic artist and fall in love
with  photography, and also the transmitting,  conversation of pictures
to the ceramic surface.


Writing—a multitude of signs. Writing—the V formation of a flock of birds,the particular drawings of foliage, our hands touching on doors,on latches,  the mark of our feet in the earth.
Trains write railway lines, the chimneys of factories breath smoke-forms, the trees of gardens whisper green humidity---I write my life in clay

Maria Geszler Garzuly



H-9700 Szombathely Gagarin u 35

+ 36 30 752 4386


+ 36 30 752 4386

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